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Check out some of the solutions we've provided to clients spanning both industry and technology used.

Brand-friendly Redesign

The Academy of American Poets needed a refreshed design that respected their time-honored brand.


TwinStar Credit Union needed our team to bring their user research together with our technical recommendations to plan out the evolution of their site.


Performance issues plagued USF’s Drupal 7 intranet and it was time for a better solution. Tandem helped USF migrate their intranet and redid all of their custom functionality.

Content Strategy

We developed an editorial calendar aimed at Platinum Edge's key audiences.


Tandem helped The Academy of American Poets centralize their Blackbaud-powered fundraising efforts on their Drupal website.

USF Performance Rescue

We quickly fixed a mission critical bug causing periodic downtime to University of San Francisco's main marketing site.

Better Local Dev

How we built Lando, an open source local development tool to empower developers and bring more value to clients by saving their time.

Data Platform

We helped Outsell Inc. increase their data collection abilities by an order of magnitude with Laravel.

Auth0 Single Sign-On

We helped Outsell Inc. move from a legacy SSO provider to Auth0 while reducing the complexity of their authentication logic and providing a tight Salesforce integration.

Fast Track Trainings

We traveled the US training digital agencies on Pantheon, Kalabox and good DevOps as part of Pantheon Systems' Fast Track program.

Legacy Tech Rescue

We helped Outsell Inc. eliminate dependency on a third-party vendor by creating a new Laravel-powered API to feed an ecosystem of Drupal sites.

Pantheon on Kalabox

We built Pantheon Systems an integration for our Kalabox GUI that allows their users to easily clone their sites onto their computer.