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Employees first

Common purpose

Maximize flow

Act like adults

Give a shit

The above five.
In five sentences.

  1. Putting employees first means investing in their success and well-being so they can invest the same in our clients.
  2. Building common purpose means more than just rowing in the same direction it means committing to one another even if you disagree.
  3. Maximizing flow means limiting distractions like unneccesary meetings so you can focus on what matters: the actual work.
  4. Acting like an adult means giving people the benefit of the doubt, speaking honestly and directly with one another and apologizing when you've made a mistake.
  5. Giving a shit means taking pride in your work and pulling your own weight while also helping others who are having an off-day.

Primarily remote.
Primarily USA.
Prone to wanderlust.

We have a distributed team that is primarily located in the United States and is primarily remote. We've also been known send emails from cabins in Siberia and beaches in Thailand. We also have reps in the below metro areas. Email one and say hello!

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