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The following positions are currently open:

Web Designer

You are...

  • Self-motivated and passionate about learning.
  • Pleasant to work with.
  • Creative and allergic to dogma.
  • Experienced in design, but able to see the "big picture" value of your work.

Our ideal candidate is looking for a part-time position (contract OK) that would grow into a full-time position as soon as possible. Please, no firms...we want a sweating, breathing creative dynamo.


Communicator-in-Chief: People want to work with you, no matter whether they're your client, teammember, or barber. Must have had client-facing responsibilities in the past. References tell a thousand words.

Web-Focused: You've swum in the waters of web design for many moons and have a modern web design portfolio spanning a range of industries. This isn't a good position for print designers transitioning into digital design.

Responsive Design: All our projects must work across a wide-range of device widths. Show us how you communicate responsive behavior to development teams!


Creative Leadership: Experience leading teams of designers, copywriters, and strategists a plus. This position has the potential to turn into a creative director role.

Atomic Design: You think about how design is translated into development, and atomic design principles have been a guiding light.

Front-end Implementation: Experience creating HTML mockups (preferably with Bootstrap or another framework) or theming Drupal/WordPress sites is preferred.

Accessibility: Knowledge of WCAG accessibility standards and how they apply to design.

App Design: Proven experience designing mobile or desktop apps.

UX Research: Conducting UX research using heat maps, user testing results, and analytics data. Making UX recommendations based off this research.


Tandem is a completely remote team, but to apply you must be...

  • Located within 3hrs time window of Pacific Standard Time.

  • Available for meeting 8AM-5PM PST. Much of our team is in EST and we have a mandatory daily standup at 8AM PST. East Coast team members tend to stop work ~2PM PST but make themselves available for West Coast client meetings when needed.

Please do not apply if you do not fit both of these criteria.

About Tandem

Do you want a place to work on your own ideas AND make money?

Back in 2012, Tandem founders Alec and Mike had a crazy idea: using the profits from their consultancy, they could avoid the venture-funded rat race and fund development of new digital products themselves.

Since then they not only created insanely popular products and helped great organizations, but learned the power of relationships. Trust. Transparency. Treating people like adults. These are the values that created the Tandem team and sustain it today.

So if you have that wild, Muir-like spirit within you, the one that wants to climb the entrepreneurial tree and scream out to the world, Tandem is making a place for you. It's a place that feeds the creative beast while respecting your need for a balanced life. Because let's face it, we're all too old for this "ramen stage" shit.

Laravel Developer

You are...

  • Self-motivated + passionate about learning
  • Pleasant to work with
  • Creative and allergic to dogma
  • Committed to the career of a professional software developer

Basic Requirements

Can you hit the ground running with a Laravel project and have enough experience with web application development to adapt to other frameworks as projects demand? If so, let’s talk! Here’s an idea of what we’re looking for:

2+ Years of Professional Web Application Development Experience

  • Can you describe your preferred web stack to me?
  • Can you show me multiple Git repos of real-life projects you’ve deployed for customers?
  • Do you use Git for version control?

1+ Year Professional Laravel Development Experience

  • Can you walk me through the structure of two non-trivial Laravel projects you’ve deployed for customers?
  • Can you discuss different problem scenarios and how you would solve them with Laravel?
  • Have you created a new package for Laravel or made a significant fork of an available package?
  • Do you know how to setup a continuous integration pipeline for a Laravel project?

Basic Linux experience

  • Are you comfortable on the command line?
  • Have you set up your own Linux web server before?

Bonus Points

Beyond these basics, we’d love to find someone with experience or a very strong interest in one or more of the following:

  • Other PHP frameworks like Symfony, Drupal, or WordPress
  • NodeJS
  • Docker
  • Agile and Lean methodologies

Location + Remote Options

We’re located in the Bay Area, but as a remote team we’re open to applicants who are located in a compatible time zone. You MUST be located within 3hrs time window of Pacific Standard AND be available for meeting 8AM-5PM PST. We have a daily standup at 8AM PST that is mandatory. Please do not apply if you do not fit both of these criteria.