University of San Francisco

Drupal 8 Intranet Migration

University of San Francisco Showcase


The University of San Francisco (USF) intranet was having issues with usability, performance, extensibility, and maintainability. This can often be the case when you maintain a complex and big site built on Drupal 7 Open Atrium over an extended period of time. USF needed to take a step back and plan for the next iteration of their intranet so they called Tandem.

Challenge 1: Complex Migration

One of the biggest challenges identified was migrating the existing Drupal 7 Organic Groups setup to utilize Drupal 8 Groups. Previously, there was no migration path that existed for this, however, now there is. 😃


  • Drupal 8
  • Groups Module
  • Custom Modules

Entities Migrated:


Challenge 2: Custom Functionality

On top of the Organic Group to Group migration, there was numerous other internal functionality that needed to rebuilt. Some of this included, but not limited to:

  • Custom user weighted draggable tables
  • Integration and functionality with two internal APIs
  • Custom CAS integration with the Group module.

Challenge 3: Performance

Tandem also went through rigorous performance testing and tweaking of the custom functionality via New Relic, Blazemeter and Blackfire.

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