Drupal 8 + Redesign

Twinstar Showcase


With revamped design mockups in hand, we were tasked with migrating their existing Drupal 7 site. We planned the information architecture of the new Drupal 8 site and laid out the migration path. We were able to use a repeatable migration process to adapt incoming design changes from the C Suite during the build. In the end, TwinStar’s site got a fresh new look that served their customers better


Tandem worked closely with TwinStar to understand their unique member base. Combining research previously compiled, analytics, competition, and goal setting our strategy team took a dive into who their members are and why they turned to TwinStar. Our technical lead analyzed the technologies used and those available. Through this understanding, we were able to:

  • Help identify key performance indicators (KPI) and their current standing
  • Propose an updated navigation and landing page mapping
  • Perform an analysis of the technologies used and their ease of migration to a newer platform
  • Plan out next steps with a focus on the initial phase with timeline and budget

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