Brand-friendly Redesign

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Poets.org needed a redesign to better connect with its dedicated members and casual visitors. Tandem delivered with a Nuxt.js/Drupal 8-powered website, with a new design focused on user experience, accessibility and modern brand representation.

Our first challenge was understanding Poets.org's audience. Poets.org had a huge emerging audience of younger millenial and Gen Z browsers; this influence our focus on some of the more dynamic colors in the Poets.org palette.

  • Alec Reynolds, Lead Strategist

Ageless poetry. No boundaries.

The old Poets.org site lacked a responsive design and suffered from crippling performance problems. After supporting the legacy site for a couple years, we knew that a bottom-up rebuild was necessary. We chose the NuxtJS as a frontend framework that could serve content to all devices with lightning-fast speed. With a Drupal 8 content API, future upgrades to the website should be much less costly. Poetry lovers everywhere, rejoice: your home on the internet just got a lot better.


  • Drupal 8 Contenta CMS API
  • Nuxt/VueJS frontend

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Before design and development Tandem did tons of stakeholder interviews, crafting user personas and performing competitive analysis to figure out the quickest way to reach a broader audience.

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