Pantheon on Kalabox

We built Pantheon Systems an integration for our Kalabox GUI that allows their users to easily clone their sites onto their computer.

Pantheon on Kalabox


Provide a one-click, push-button solution that gets a user developing their Pantheon site locally in a matter of minutes.


Use Kalabox and Docker technology to replicate the Pantheon development environment locally.


Allow users of all skill levels to start developing a Pantheon-hosted site almost instantly.
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Active Monthly Users
5 Minutes
Spin Up Time
Cross Platfrom
You Bet!

Pantheon was looking for a local development environment that, like Pantheon itself, was able to take a complicated problem and make it easily accessible to a wide set of users. Our Kalabox GUI and CLI product fit the bill nicely.

We were able to leverage Kalabox's pluggable nodejs architecture to build a sophisticated integration that:

  • Uses Pantheon's Machine Tokens for authentication
  • Gives push-button get my site and deploy my changes functionality
  • Uses Docker to closely mimic the powerful Pantheon runtime and toolchain
  • Packages in developer power tools like Terminus, Drush, WP-CLI and xdebug
  • Ships in a cross-platform, easy-to-use, one-click installer via nw.js

This allowed Pantheon to easily streamline their user onboarding and agency training with a go-to standard for local development. Now they have another killer app in their product lineup.