Fast Track Trainings

pantheon Showcase


We've been working with Pantheon since they were 8 people in an office under the Bay Bridge. As a result we know their product, platform and team better than most. So, when Pantheon asked us to provide some extra bandwidth for their Fast Track training program, we immediately said "We've got you!"

It was awesome we could turn to Tandem and ramp up our training capacity with almost no onboarding!


  • San Francisco
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Western Mass.


Untold Gallons

DevOps. Workflows. Kalabox. Coffee

Trainings were typically multi-day and on-site, fueled by rich presentation materials, interactive workshops and lots of coffee. We focused on some combination of the following topics:

  • Pantheon basics
  • Migrations
  • Using New Relic with Pantheon
  • Kalabox and Lando for Local Development
  • Advanced DevOps: Using CircleCI, GitHub flow, Behat and Quicksilver
  • Deep Developer Dives: Troubleshooting specific developer questions
  • Pantheon Tips and Tricks

At the conclusion of the trainings and as reward for a group job well done we always made sure to reward everyone with a happy hour!

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