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Outsell’s Intelligence Platform relied upon a proprietary platform from a 3rd party vendor which made it hard to add new features and troubleshoot issues. With mere months until the vendor’s contract expired, the clock was ticking: should Outsell renew the expensive contract or break the chain and empower themselves? Fortunately, Tandem had a plan.

Tandem has been instrumental in helping us find a better path forward with our technology.

  • Ben Sampson, Head of Product

Unlocking vender lock-in.

In our analysis we found that Outsell relied upon their external vendor for two primary services: a Salesforce integration that helped them authenticate users and an API that provided access to Outsell's powerful research database.

After replacing the convoluted Salesforce-tied login with Auth0, we chose to expose Outsell’s primary PostgresDB via the open source DreamFactory API. Working in concert with Outsell's development team, we refactored the Intelligence Platform to pull data from this new API.

When their contract expired they seamlessly switched over to their new system without a hitch.

Plug-and-play API:

DreamFactory provided an easy way to expose Outsell's legacy database via a modern API, no licensing fees required.

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