Data Platform

We helped Outsell Inc. increase their data collection abilities by an order of magnitude with Laravel.

Data Platform


Build a data platform to enable large-scale data entry and machine learning-driven insights.


Use Laravel to build a flexible front-end for a large Postgres DB.


Scaling Outsell's data collection and maintenance by an order of magnitude.
From requirements and scoping to development and deployment, Tandem coordinated with all stakeholders to deliver the best solution to support our business needs. I highly recommend Tandem to anyone looking for strategic development. Ben Sampson, Head of Product at Outsell Inc.
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Scale of Data Entry

Outsell Inc. has maintained a large database businesses in the data, information and technology sectors for over twenty years. However, while the value of their insights had grown, Outsell’s ability to collect and maintain data was bottlenecked by a legacy data entry application.

Tandem proposed using Laravel to build a new data entry application. Laravel’s powerful object relational mapping (ORM) layer allowed us to quickly adapt to Outsell’s custom data model and create a front-end for performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) actions the database. Laravel’s extensive ecosystem of libraries made it easy to find the best tools to power search, advanced reporting, and other features.

Now Outsell is able to onboard large teams of data entry specialists to increase its ability to collect and maintain records. By conservative estimates, this could lead to records being added and updated 10x more frequently than with the old system. Now Outsell’s customers can expect even more detailed reports and greater self-service access to company records.