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Outsell Inc. was looking to migrate from a costly, proprietary and hard-to-maintain single sign-on solution (SSO) that made it difficult to alter existing web properties and introduce new ones. We standardized their stack on Auth0's SSO-as-a-service solution, allowing Outsell to focus on their own business logic instead of continually reinventing the wheel.

Tandem has been instrumental in helping us find a better path forward with our technology.

  • Ben Sampson, Head of Product

Consolidating. Simplifying. Standardizing. Centralizing.

After an extensive discovery and audit of Outsell's existing web properties, we were able to come up with 3 major strategic pivots to best satisfy Outsell's immediate and long-term goals:

  1. Migrate to Auth0 - This provided a significant reduction in cost and maintenance while also increasing the stability, performance, testability and flexibility of their auth pipeline.
  2. Consolidate authorization logic - This reduced the overhead of maintaining Salesforce driven authorization logic on a per-client basis in favor of a single and consistent authorization pipeline that could be ingested immediately by any client without massive set up costs.
  3. Write test suite - This provided the dual benefit of limiting the introduction of bugs into a BUSINESS CRITICAL part of Outsell's tech stack and providing a mechanism to easily diagnose and banish any bugs that slipped through the cracks.

The benefits of this engagement were immediately obvious when we built Outsell's Data Platform and were able to immediately use this new authorization pipeline.

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