Drupal 8 Intranet Migration

Kettering Family Philanthropies Showcase


KFP had a Drupal 7 proposal management system that was built haphazardly and they were investing a lot of time and money to try and fix numerous architectural issues. There were numerous issues with their proposal workflow, permissions, and user experience to name a few. To fix this we designed and architected a robust system in Drupal 8. We migrated the complex data into a Group based system, overhauled the user experience, and integrated with services like OneHub and Slack.

Group based permission workflows allow committee members to quickly and easily vote on proposals.

Fact 1:

Migrated and restructured over 100k nodes and 5k users.

Fact 2:

Drupal 8

Giving Back

We created 2 contrib modules specifically for this project: OneHub and Slack RTM

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