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J.E. Brown & Associates is a wholesale insurance brokerage that relies on their web application portal to facilitate quotes, payments, and general communication between staff and agency clients. Additionally there’s a Drupal-based Marketing component tightly integrated into the business portal. The project was brought to Tandem after the previous vendor became less available to maintain the software and infrastructure. The initial task was to liberate the application from the previous host before taking over development & maintenance. We migrated both applications to a cloud provider on an account owned by JEB so they would not be locked to a particular software vendor in the future. Ansible playbooks were developed for setup & orchestration, including automated SSL renewals and full system backups. Since the successful migration, Tandem has been steadily improving the software through an iterative Agile process. We’ve added countless new features, integrated with 3rd party APIs, and have built data utilities that cut down on manual administrative tasks.

Refactoring and migrating the applications helped lower our development costs.

Fact I:

Migrated systems from shared hosting to dedicated cloud infrastructure

Fact II:

Built Ansible scripts to facilitate setup & orchestration

Agile Process

J.E. Brown & Associates now follows an iterative Agile process for software improvements

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