Drupal 6 Long Term Support

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Hospitality Homes had a 10-year-old Drupal 6 website with security and usability issues. We were able to convert the site to use the Drupal 6 Long Term Support (LTS) version, extending the lifespan of the website by years. We were also able to update their PHP version to 7.3, despite the site being hosted on irregular server. Finally, we addressed a few small bugs and issues with the site.

With long term support, our Drupal 6 site has a renewed lease on life. We don't worry about getting hacked any longer!

High Mileage.

Updating to Drupal 6 LTS extended the lifespan of the website for a fraction of the cost of an upgrade to the latest version of Drupal.

New Engine.

Update PHP to 7.3

Saving Money with Drupal LTS

Getting Hospitality Homes on Drupal 6 Long Term Support kept their current site going for years while they came up with a plan to launch the next iteration of their website.

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