Strategic Discovery

common-dreams Showcase


Common Dreams has been a pioneer in online, reader-supported news since the Clinton era. With over two decades of experience online, the Common Dreams team knows that continual innovation is essential to online success. When they first contacted Tandem, Common Dreams wanted to salvage a Drupal 8 update project that had stalled. After discussing their goals and learning more about Common Dreams' audience, we agreed that this wasn't just an opportunity to update the Drupal CMS, but a chance to make a big leap forward for

A discovery is the first step to understanding how to keep up with SEO trends and shifting reader expectations.

Discovery Exercises

  • Interview Stakeholders.
  • Review Analytics.
  • Create Personas.
  • Write the Project Brief.
  • Establish Design Principles.

What's at Stake?

110M+ Pageviews

Opportunities for Growth.

During the discovery, we identified exciting potentials for growth among reader audiences that may be underserved by the current web design, as well as ways to improve accessibility for a large segment of Common Dreams' readers.

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