Amplifying your mission.

From increasing online donations to better serving your audience, we're here to amplify your mission.

Maximize impact, stay within budget.

No matter if you're an international non-profit or a small team trying to make a difference on a specific regional issue, you need a digital team that will help you maximize your impact within a set budget. Tandem optimizes your digital donation funnel while providing the best experience possible to your served audience. We offer fixed-price engagement for non-profits so you can create your budget knowing your goals will be achieved without cost overruns.

What makes non-profits special?

It's about the mission! Using our keyboards for greater good is what excites us about working with organizations like, the SF-Marin Foodbank, interACT, CLMP, Hospitality Homes, the Brandywine Conservancy, and many others.

Recent Non-profit

Our non-profit specialties.

WordPress and Drupal Development + Support

Digital Donation Funnel Optimization

Member Portals

Donor Management Integrations

Non-Profit UX + UI

WCAG 3.0 AA Accessibility

Our non-profit wins.

Redesign to reach a new generation of poetry lovers.

Finding innovative ways to help small non-profits succeed online.

Building a new member portal for the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses.

Recent Non-profit

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