Migration masters.

We've migrated millions of web pages, helping move complex enterprise websites for world-renowned brands to the next big thing.

When it's time to move websites...

...you need a partner who has experience with both the system you're moving to and from. This is where Tandem's wide experience in modern CMSs and application frameworks comes into play. We've written extensively on migrations and performed dozens over the years, moving systems in Drupal, WordPress, custom databases, Laravel, Symfony, and more.

What's a "migration?"

If you want to move to a different CMS or web application framework, you'll need to perform a migration. At their core, migrations are about data: taking the content from your old site (probably stored in some sort of database) and moving it to a format that the new website can understand. However, migrations are also a strategic challenge. What content is so old it should be discarded? What functionality do you want to keep? They're also an ideal time to think about redesigning your website to be more successful at attracting visitors and achieving your conversion goals.

Migration steps.

  1. Content Audit: Figure out what content exists.
  2. Migration Strategy: Figure out where everything goes and what functionality you still need on the new website.
  3. Data Migration: Translate data from one format to another.
  4. Functionality Migration: Implement required functionality. Typically custom functionality may need to be translated to work with new APIs of the new application framework.
  5. SEO Audit: Done incorrectly, a migration can ruin good SEO efforts. An SEO audit finds dead links and other issues before they hurt your search engine rankings.

Recent Migrations

Migration specialties.

Migrations involving Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, custom databases, and more.

Completing migrations abandoned by other teams.

Migrating CMS content to "static" site frameworks (VuePress, Gatsby, etc.)

Migrating websites using the Drupal Groups module.

Migration wins.

Dozens of successful migrations.

Migrations involving millions of web pages.

Treasure trove of migration blog articles.

Recent Migrations

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