Hey Lando users! We wanted to let you know about some recent breaking upstream changes and what we've done about them.

As many of you know we rely on other community Docker images to power a good deal of Lando. The main reason for this is we simply do not have the time and resources to manage the LARGE amount of images and versions supported by Lando. This does leave us a bit exposed to breaking upstream changes and yesterday we were hit by a pretty big one. The tl;dr is basically all of the images from one of our upstream providers changed and this likely is breaking many of your Lando projects. 😦

Until now we've minor version pinned to our upstream images so that users can get a good balance between stability and also regular patch updates to our services. Sadly, it seems like this is no longer a tenable option so we have introduced patch version pinning to a large amount of our images. This should drastically if not outright eliminate this problem from happening again. It does, however, mean that it will be now up to the user to specify new patch versions of a service if they want to get ahead before we are able to update the versions inside of Lando.

The good news is that we now have a new official release that addresses the above. We recommend you update to the new version immediately and run a lando rebuild on any projects that are impacted. https://github.com/lando/lando/releases/tag/v3.0.0-rrc.1

If that is not reason enough the new release contains additional goodies like:

  • Added signed windoze installer and binary #2037
  • Added support for node 12 and 13 #1866
  • Added support for new node 10 and 11 minor versions #1981
  • Added support for php 7.4 #1891
  • Added json and table formats to some lando commands #1737
  • Added compatibility for Docker Desktop on macOS and Windows #1975
  • Added support for mariadb 10.4 #2004
  • Added patch version pinning to bitnami based services #2057
  • Added rsync to the php:7.4 image #2056
  • Fixed bug causing cli output colorization in non TTY contexts #1789
  • Fixed bug causing memcached to not boot up correctly #1827
  • Fixed bug causing --secret-toggle to break packaged landos
  • Fixed bug causing prerelease version comparison produce unexpected results #2049
  • Fixed breaking upstream change in all bitnami based services #2057
  • Improved macOS and Windows Lando installers #1975
  • Improved build step and restart performance #2013
  • Rebased lando on node 12 for MOAR SPEEDS #2037
  • Removed lingering reference to Git for Windows in Windoze intaller #1865
  • Updated to docker-compose 1.25.4 #1975
  • Updated to Docker Desktop for macOS and Windows #1975
  • Updated xdebug to latest in php 7.2 and 7.3
  • Updated functional tests to use hyperdrive 0.6.1 #2037

I will also take this opportunity to shamelessly pitch our sponsorship program especially because with more time and resources we can be more proactive in preventing problems like this:

Lando is free and open source software that relies on contributions from developers like you! If you like Lando then help us spend more time making, updating and supporting it by contributing.