Sharpen your tools!

# Requirements

  • An app setup on using a postgres database.
  • A database management application. I will use PSequel in this post.

# User Story

If you need to import a new clean database to a environment (not master). In my case I was running migrations and needed to ensure that the order of operations was going to apply cleanly to the production copy of the database.

# Commands

  • Make a backups and restore points of master and test environments.
    • Create a restore point through the dashboard


Navigate to your app's dashboard get into the environment you want to replace the DB for, in my case test. Clicking on the snapshots icon in the top right of the dashboard will create a snapshot restorable backup point for your app in case something goes horribly wrong 😉.

Here are the platform cli commands to make a backup of the databases of the environments in question. First I take a DB dump of the master environment to refresh the data from and then a backup of the test environment in case I need to get back to it.

  • platfrom cli commands:

    • platform --environment=master --relationship=pgdatabase db:dump
    • platform --environment=test --relationship=pgdatabase db:dump
  • Drop the main database tables (to start with a clean slate):

    • platform --environment=test --relationship=pgdatabase sql
      • This command will drop you into a psql shell so you can examine and manipulate the databases.
    • \c postgres (just connect to any database besides main)
    • drop owned by main (this will drop the tables not the DB)
      • NOTE: Dropping the DB will leave you in a bad state; as your user does not have permission to recreate the main DB. If you do get into this state use the restore point you created in the dashboard.
  • Import the backup or fresh DB you need.

    • platform --environment=test --relationship=pgdatabase sql < {YOUR_PROJECT_ID--master--dump}.sql
      • Be sure to replace YOUR_PROJECT_ID with your Platform apps ID. This should already be in the filename if you are following along!


If you see tables in the freshly imported data that don't seem to make sense make sure to check your schema (in PSequel top left dropdown) and make sure it is set to the correct schema and that should have the tables you expect.

# Conclusion

Get to know your tools to save time! A little exploring of your toolsets everyday goes a long long way.