Better Local Dev

How we built Lando, an open source local development tool to empower developers and bring more value to clients by saving their time.

Better Local Dev


Build a tool that allows developers to easily and quickly spin up the infrastructure required for each of their projects.


Leverage our work and experience on the Kalabox project to build a config-file driven and Docker based *TOTAL DEV* tool.


Massive developer time savings in onboarding, testing and writing code that can all be passed on to the client.
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Languages Supported
Prebaked Recipes
Auxiliary Services

Lando is the culmination of many years of work trying to create an easy, powerful and comprehensive local development and DevOps tool. It is designed to work with most major programming languages, frameworks and services and provides an easy way for users to specify simple or complex development requirements for their projects. This means that Lando can be used to specify things like apache or memcache but also things like drush or pip.

In that way it can be thought of as a development dependency management tool.

With Lando you can...

  • Easily mimic your production environment locally.
  • Standardize your teams dev environments and tooling on OSX, Windows and Linux.
  • Integrate with hosting providers like Pantheon
  • Store all of the above in a version controlled config file called .lando.yml
  • Easily customize or extend tooling, deployment options and basically any other functionality.
  • Free yourself from the tyranny of inferior local development products.

A developer should be able to get a running site and the tools needed to develop that site with a single, short config file called .lando.yml that lives in the root directory of your project and a few lando commands.

Lando supports these core languages:

and these prebaked recipes:

and these auxiliary services:

As well as a whole lot more.