Legacy Tech Rescue

We helped Outsell Inc. eliminate dependency on a third-party vendor by creating a new Laravel-powered API to feed an ecosystem of Drupal sites.

Legacy Tech Rescue


Remove Outsell's dependency on a costly and limiting third-party API.


Use the Laravel-powered DreamFactory API with custom Drupal modules to distribute data.


Eliminate a costly ongoing contract and allow Outsell to pursue new development directions with in-house resources.
Tandem has been instrumental in helping us find a better path forward with our technology. Ben Sampson, Head of Product at Outsell Inc.
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Ben Sampson had a problem. As Head of Product, Ben was in charge of Outsell’s Intelligence Platform, where clients can browse the treasure trove of Outsell’s research data. However, despite being a core Outsell service, the Intelligence Platform relied upon a proprietary platform from a 3rd party vendor, which made it hard to add new features and troubleshoot issues.

With mere months until the vendor’s contract expired, the clock was ticking: should Outsell renew the contract or investigate other options?

Fortunately, Tandem had a plan. In our analysis, we found that Outsell relied upon their external vendor for two primary services: a Salesforce integration that helped them authenticate users and an API that provided access to Outsell's powerful research database. After replacing the convoluted Salesforce-tied login with Auth0, we chose to expose Outsell’s primary PostgresDB via a DreamFactory API. Working in concert with Outsell's development team, we refactored the Intelligence Platform to pull data from this new API.

With time for rigorous QA, we were well-prepared when D-Day came and the old 3rd-party vendor turned off its Outsell-related services. Outsell was now running on its own software that was maintainable by its in-house software team. More importantly, Ben was free to start driving Outsell’s digital growth with a free hand.