Redesigned Subscriber Homepage

We made a better subscriber experience for California's Valued Trust through user-centric design.

Redesigned Subscriber Homepage


Reduce support time by getting CVT subscribers quicker access to important information.


Use stakeholder interviews and personas to guide building an in-browser prototype in Laravel. Iterate with user testing.


Introduced user-centric design principles to CVT while building an essential product.
Leadership has recognized the value of this type of is a process that we can adapt to other projects internally to help us navigate through other member focused decisions. Brook Paulsen, IT Manager
Users Migrated to Auth0
Hrs of Support Call Time
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In-Browser Prototype/MVP

After 5 years maintaining MyCVT, the primary insurance portal for California's Valued Trust, we knew a better user experience was possible. An audit of CVT's support call logs confirmed our suspicions: subscribers were having trouble accessing basic information about their benefits. CVT was losing valuable support staff time and its subscribers weren't getting the most out of their insurance benefits.

But we couldn't just jump into development. Creating a better solution for CVT's subscribers required understanding their needs. Tandem proposed a discovery project.

First, we helped create user personas that represented different types of CVT users. From these we created journey maps showing how those users interacted with CVT's services, identifying different blockers they experienced. Finally, we held a collaborative sketching session to draft new user interfaces to help resolve these problems. These sketches were translated into an in-browser prototype that could be presented to real CVT users and tested as development progressed.

The CVT IT team quickly realized the value of direct user interaction. Each conversation with CVT subscribers lead to new insights and a deeper commitment to subscriber success.

Ultimately we made a much more informative and usable home page for MyCVT users, but our greatest achievement was introducing new user-centric design tools to CVT. We trained CVT's staff to conduct interviews and create the assets necessary to run this process themselves. Now these concepts are making their way from the IT department to the entirety of CVT.