Insurance Enrollment Portal

We helped California's Valued Trust power a shift from paper to digital by building a secure HIPAA-compliant insurance enrollment portal in Drupal.

Insurance Enrollment Portal


Build a secure HIPAA-compliant online portal to help tens of thousands of California teachers and school staff enroll for insurance.


Use Drupal and Angular to quickly develop a user-friendly enrollment experience.


Nearly 30K users. Empowering more than 240 districts. New digital cornerstone of the CVT experience
Tandem provided a cost-conscious solution with a very beneficial result. Brook Paulsen, IT Manager
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We're proud of all the projects we work on, but among all of our clients, California's Valued Trust (CVT) stands out. By developing the MyCVT enrollment portal, we helped tens of thousands of CVT subscribers (primarily teachers and school staff in K-12 education) find an easier way to enroll in their insurance.

CVT was already in the process of modernizing its technology stack and was fortunate to have a team that included programmers familiar with PHP. Although most of CVT's infrastructure to date had been written in COBOL, they were very receptive when we proposed the adoption of a modern PHP framework to provide...

  • a standardized data model
  • an easy way to generate and consume APIs
  • automated report and simple interface generation
  • permissioning, authorization, and logging layers for HIPAA-compliance

We selected Drupal as a way to prototype the MyCVT system. With roots as a popular CMS, Drupal could easily reproduce the data model of CVT's paper enrollment forms. The powerful suite of API and report construction tools included with Drupal allowed the construction and deployment of the initial version of MyCVT within months.