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Your team is the best investment you can make. Get them up to speed on the latest and most cutting edge development practices.

Tandem believes strongly in a “teach a developer to fish” philosophy. Where many consultancies make themselves a long-term dependency, we want your organization to succeed on its own terms. Often, that means helping to train your team to support new technologies and learn better ways of developing software.

Drupal Training

We've trekked across the United States and beyond giving Drupal trainings to our clients and at conferences. Accelerate your team's understandings of this powerful (but sometimes idiosyncratic) content management system with our experts. A few trainings we've offered in the past include...

  • Developer’s Guide to Drupal
  • Content Creator’s Guide to Drupal
  • Advanced Drupal Module Development
  • Introduction to Drupal 8

DevOps Training

DevOps concepts like continuous integration and automated testing can create huge performance gains for your team. However, when you're always focused on the next feature or pushing for an upcoming deadline, it's difficult to make the investments in learning to introduce these needed changes. Our trainings help catalyze DevOps transformations, accommodating your team's busy schedule.

  • Introduction to Continuous Integration
  • Automated Testing for PHP Applications