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Stuck in a never ending cycle of unreliable contractors and disappointing results? We architect a sustainable development strategy.

Worried that your project has become an insatiable beast that devours development time? Victim of a revolving door of unreliable contractors?

Tandem helps you take back control of your technical destiny. We find the best way to achieve your business goals with your current resources. For some organizations, that means hiring developers or retraining your current team. For others, that means a targeted one-time refactoring of legacy software.

Whatever the solution, we’ll always give you an honest assessment with actionable advice to find the path forward.

Troubleshooting Pain Points

  • Identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Solving perplexing problems and errors
  • Recovering hacked sites

Re-architecting Legacy Systems

  • Picking the best replacement technology
  • Upgrading Drupal 6 (and earlier) sites to Drupal 8 or Backdrops

Hiring and Training Developers

  • Interviewing and finding great developers
  • Train your existing team on modern best practices