Become Pantheon pros

As official Pantheon Systems trainers, we're here to fix your Drupal and WordPress DevOps.

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We've been working with Pantheon for over 6 years, using their service, building their local development platform, and acting as an official training partner. As a result we know their product, platform and team better than most.

In our training sessions, we accelerate your team's Pantheon-powered development process by teaching...

  • Pantheon basics
  • Migrations
  • Using New Relic with Pantheon
  • Kalabox and Lando for Local Development
  • Advanced DevOps: Using CircleCI, GitHub flow, Behat and Quicksilver
  • Deep Developer Dives: Troubleshooting specific developer questions
  • Pantheon Tips and Tricks

At the conclusion of the trainings and as reward for a group job well done we always made sure to reward everyone with a happy hour!